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Daily 5
Our new mural



Waterloo Elementary is the center of learning for about 125 students. We have a huge facility with double classrooms and small class sizes. We boast: a gymnasium; art, music, & dance room; a well-stocked library; and an expansive playground. We also offer a variety of activities such as sports, pottery, and a community mentoring program called “It Takes a Village”. 

Breakfast at the Royal Canadian Legion, 77 Lewis Street WaterlooDecember 4th 8h00-1200All profits will be donated to the Waterloo Elementary School Breakfast Program.13 years and older $10.00

6-12 years old         $4.00

5 years and younger is free


Our French teacher Martine is looking for a donation of bikes under 24″. If you have one you would be willing to donate to our school, please contact Martine at bourbeaum@edu.etsb.qc.ca.

Thank you!